Why Congress is Wary of Taking a Strong Stand on Assam NRC Issue

“Etu mor thought asil,” this was my thought, broadcasted three-time Assam Chief Minister and Congress pioneer Tarun Gogoi on the distribution of the draft National Register of Citizens (NRC).

His response demonstrates the tightrope walk Congress needed to go up against the issue which may have political repercussions in and outside Assam. In question are 14 Lok Sabha situates in the state and numerous more in connecting states. The Congress’ undertaking has been made unenvious with West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee taking a strident survey position on the issue.

“There was no interest for the NRC. It was not some portion of the Assam Accord,” Gogoi has said appropriating responsibility for Supreme Court observed exercise.

Both Gogoi and Congress President Rahul Gandhi have been exceptionally careful in their response to the missing 40 lakh names in the primary draft of the NRC. The gathering has, while trying to fitting the responsibility for work out, addressed just the procedure and methods engaged with the drafting of the enlist.

Endeavoring a picture makeover of sorts with the sanctuary keep running in survey bound states and somewhere else, the Congress has needed to adjust its position deliberately. It can’t be believed to take an obvious remain on the issue to estrange a specific side.

The exercise it appears been learnt from Gogoi and his political artfulness in overseeing Assam for 15 long a very long time subsequent to assuming control over the reins from his coach Hiteshwar Saikia.

In 2006, looking for a second term, he expelled a weep for an organization together with Badruddin Ajmal’s All India United Democratic Front. “Who is Ajmal,” he broadly inquired. All the while, he adjusted the Congress to the dominant part feeling without leaving any political space for the Asom Gana Parishad and the BJP to move.

Strangely, after eight years when his child Gaurav Gogoi arranged to challenge his lady Lok Sabha surveys from Kaliabor situate, the then Assam CM re-produced a specific warmth in his ties with Ajmal.

BJP President Amit Shah’s discourse in the Rajya Sabha and the strident position taken by TMC pioneer Mamata Banerjee demonstrate bigger political effect NRC may have outside Assam.

Banerjee has raised the stakes. In front of 2019 general races, she is tending to the nerves of the huge minority supporters in her own particular patio which constitutes in excess of 33% of the aggregate electorate in a few regions in West Bengal. For a territorial gathering, now and again it is considerably simpler to manage commonwealth in highly contrasting. As it is less muddled for the JD(S) or the DMK to set on the Cavery issue opposite national gatherings like the BJP and the Congress.

BJP West Bengal President Dilip Ghosh by drawing a correlation with Assam has tried to take a solid position against the decision party on the NRC. The thought is to develop as the principle restriction to the TMC as the BJP endeavors to compensate for any misfortunes in 2019 from the eastern states.

By summoning Rajiv Gandhi and the Assam Accord, Amit Shah has just underscored Congress’ weakness in managing complex socio-political issues.

Being a moderate gathering, Congress’ initiative in its primes has shown capacity to stroll in a dangerous situation. With a weakened association, the undertaking ahead is just more difficult.

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