Rahul Gandhi Hits Out At Sushma Swaraj on Doklam, Says ‘Amazing How She Buckled’

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday assaulted External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj over her announcement in Parliament on the Doklam standoff with China.

“Astonishing how a genteel Sushma ji has locked and prostrated herself before Chinese power. Total subservience to the pioneer implies our overcome jawan has been sold out on the fringe,” Gandhi tweeted.

Alongside the post, the Congress president additionally tweeted a news report that cited a US official as saying that China has discreetly continued its exercises in the Doklam territory and neither Bhutan nor India has tried to deter it.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi hits out at Sushma Swaraj over Doklam issue; Says Sushma has “prostrated herself before Chinese power”

Swaraj had cleared up in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday that the India-China go head to head in Doklam was settled through “political development without losing any ground” and the present state of affairs has been kept up.

The remote pastor guaranteed that there has not been even a particle of progress at the level where Indian and Chinese troops had been secured a 73-day standoff a year ago.

Modi government has settled the Doklam issue with most extreme political and key development. There is no adjustment in the norm at the go head to head site in Doklam: EAM Smt @SushmaSwaraj

Swaraj’s confirmations, be that as it may, did not inspire the Congress. The gathering said that the announcement was confirmation of the Narendra Modi-drove government’s questionable outside arrangement and “consistent flip flounders in Chinese misfortune in Doklam which is hurting India’s interests.”

Smt. Sushma Swaraj’s announcement on #Doklam is secured with a ‘sheet of misdirecting murkiness’ and neglects to give the bigger picture of Chinese nearness in S Doklam.

As China gazes at the ‘Siliguri Corridor’ – ‘Passage to India’s NE’, Modi Govt almost ducks the Doklam question!

The discussion over Doklam revived after US Congresswomen Ann Wagner offered a conversation starter, “Albeit the two nations withdraw, China has discreetly continued its exercises in Doklam and neither Bhutan nor India has looked to deter it. China’s exercises in the Himalayas help me to remember its south China Sea strategies. In what capacity should our inability to react to the militarisation of the South China Sea advise the global reaction to these Himalayan fringe debate?”

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