PM Modi Has Broken All Promises, Says Rahul Gandhi in Telangana

Congress President Rahul Gandhi Thursday charged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has broken each and every guarantee made by him.

Making a solid pitch for homestead credit waiver, he stated, “…if the Prime Minister of India can excuse three lakh fifty thousand crore of 15 people…the most extravagant individuals in the nation, at that point he ought to be prepared to pardon the advance of India’s ranchers”.

“We are not requesting any unconditional present for ranchers; we are trying to say that whatever you do, you treat everybody decently. On the off chance that you are treating the most extravagant individuals in the nation, and you are giving them advance waiver, at that point you owe that to the ranchers of the nation”, Gandhi said.

The Congress has been blaming the Modi government for enjoying buddy private enterprise occasionally, a charge which has been eagerly denied by the saffron party. Tending to a tradition on “KG to PG perceived establishments in Telangana for ‘Change and Existence” here, he claimed that Modi has broken each and every guarantee of his, including that of being a fair Prime Minister.

Get together races are booked in Telangana on December 7

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