Party for Muslims’ Row: Digvijaya Asks BJP to Furnish Proof of Rahul Gandhi’s Remark

Swimming into a line over a comment ascribed to Rahul Gandhi, senior Congress pioneer Digvijaya Singh on Monday requested “evidence” from the BJP that the gathering boss had ever said that the Congress is the “gathering for Muslims”.

An immense debate has emitted after a few reports asserted that Gandhi had told a gathering of Muslim learned people that Congress is a “gathering for Muslims”.

Locking onto the comments ascribed to Gandhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had ripped into the Congress saying it was a “gathering for Muslim men” just as it was restricting the tripe talaq charge which would profit Muslim ladies.

“It was completely a lie that Rahul hosts said that Congress was the gathering of Muslims. The BJP is misinforming the general population by spreading such lies,” Singh told correspondents here.

“I read in a daily paper that the Congress president hosted said that Congress is a get-together of Muslims, and there has been discourse on this for as long as two days. Modi had likewise talked at an open gathering in Azamgarh on July 14. “Give us evidence that Rahul had made such a comment,” the previous boss priest said.

Singh said the Congress spoke to each confidence.

“The Congress had battled against the British. It is the gathering of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. Who says that it is the gathering of one network just?” he inquired.

He said Union priests appear to have no opportunity to talk about their services yet show distinct fascination in different issues.

“Resistance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman does not have time for holding a question and answer session identifying with her service.

Association Home Minister (Rajnath Singh) has obligation of inner security yet he doesn’t give any announcement,” he included.

To an inquiry with respect to groupism in Madhya Pradesh Congress, he said Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan ought to ask this to BJP general secretary Kailash Vijaywargiya.

“Factionalism is winning in the best state initiative of the BJP,” he said.

Vijaywargiya, a previous priest, is thought to be an adversary of Chouhan in the BJP.

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