P Chidambaram calls revision of GDP data ‘bad joke’; Congress’ Anand Sharma says NITI Aayog has done disservice to India

Pummeling the modification of GDP information under the UPA as a “terrible joke”, the Congress on Thursday claimed that the NITI Aayog has done insult to the country with its “attack piece” at the command of the Narendra Modi government and requested that the body be disbanded.

The Opposition party likewise hit out at Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for shielding the activity, which it named as an “audacious strike on the specific sacredness of Indian measurements”.

“NITI Aayog’s updated GDP numbers are a joke. They are a terrible joke. As a matter of fact they are more terrible than an awful joke. The numbers are the aftereffect of an attack piece. Since NITI Aayog has done the attack piece, the time has come to twist up the completely useless body,” Congress pioneer and previous fund serve P Chidambaram said.

Senior gathering pioneer and previous Union priest Anand Sharma likewise lashed out at the arranging body saying, “by fudging the GDP information to knead the self image of Modi and shroud the hopeless execution and botch of the Indian economy, the Ministry of Statistics and NITI Aayog have completed an insult to the country.”

Record picture of Congress pioneer P Chidambaram. AFP

Record picture of Congress pioneer P Chidambaram. AFP

He said the respectability of Indian information has turned out to be suspect universally and in one blow the validity of Indian measurable establishments and specialists who arranged the before GDP information has been extremely harmed.

“Regrettable to see the Finance Minister safeguarding the baldfaced strike on the simple holiness of Indian insights” Sharma said.

Senior Congress pioneer Jairam Ramesh said “the revered Central Statistics Organization (CSO) has now been changed over into a NAMO (Numbers Adjustment and Manipulation Organization)”, including “Mahalanobis must smoke”

He was alluding to PC Mahalanobis, worshipped as the dad of Indian factual research.

Chidambaram said that the before numbers were determined by the National Statistical Commission and asked whether the Commission has been disbanded.

Consenting to previous Chief Statistician Pranab Sen, he said NITI Aayog has nothing to do with classification of information.

“I think about whether NITI Aayog bad habit executive Rajiv Kumar will consent to a discussion on the information than telling writers that their inquiries are ‘undeserving of an answer’,” said Chidambaram

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