Never Order Firing at Kotkapura and Behbal Kalan: Parkash Singh Badal Denies Charges in Ranjit Panel’s Report

In the midst of a seething discussion over a report by Justice Ranjit Singh Commission that states previous Punjab Chief Minister and SAD patriarch Parkash Singh Badal “knew” of the twin terminating episodes at Kotkapura and Behbal Kalan that executed two people, Badal addresses News18’s Ritesh Lakhi.

Here are a portion of the extracts:

Q: generally, you have been alluded to as a malicious power hampering peace in Punjab. The Justice Ranjit Singh Commission report has likewise been basic about your part in the terminating episodes.

An: All my life and furthermore as the main clergyman of the state, I have progressed in the direction of peace and public agreement. Peace and collective concordance is so sacrosanct to me that I’ll serve the state till my final gasp. Everyone in India knows who conveyed peace to Punjab.

Q: How did you feel when foul words were utilized against you in the as of late closed Vidhan Sabha session?

An: It wasn’t a session, however just a rally as Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) wasn’t a piece of it. What’s more, the reason SAD wasn’t a piece of it was on account of resigned Justice Ranjit Singh is a one-sided man. When he was on obligation, our Advocate General wouldn’t show up before him since he was halfway. Ranjit Singh was dependably against us as a result of his closeness to the Congress.

Q: The dialect that was utilized against you, do you believe that hosts influenced the gathering in any capacity?

A: The issues are very clear. They say that I called at 2 in the night. I called in light of the fact that I was worried about the entire circumstance. My requests to the DGP and region specialists were to comprehend the circumstance by talking and not by utilization of power. In the 10 long stretches of my residency, at whatever point there were dissents by any workers or agriculturists gatherings, I would dependably arrange the police to tackle it through talks. I have constantly requested to not utilize constrain.

Q: What were your correct requests to the police? How could you need the police to act around then? On the off chance that your requests were so clear, for what reason was the ground reality so unique? What did you tell the DGP at 2 am?

An: around then, just Kotkapura’s issue had become known. No one thought about Behbal Kalan or some other episode. I considered him to ask to gently settle the Kotkapura issue. There was nobody in Behbal Kalan around then. The Behbal Kalan episode occurred four hours after the fact. Individuals don’t have lucidity that Behbal Kalan and Kotkapura are two unique points. Dharna was at Kotkapura however the passings have occurred at Behbal Kalan. There were no causalities at Kotkapura.

Neither the Punjab organization, nor I or the DGP thought about Behbal Kalan. At 2 am, there was no one at Behbal Kalan.

Q: What were your correct words to the DGP at 2 am on that night?

A: Not simply I, no home clergyman or boss pastor will ever give shooting orders. No main priest would give a request that would place him being referred to.

Q: The Ranjit Singh Commission report doesn’t unmistakably say that you requested the terminating. However, by pointing at that telephone call, your part has gone under spotlight.

An: I was conscious that night since I was concerned. I frequently keep the telephone alongside me so that if at any time any episode happens in the state, I am accessible. Indeed, even you should realize that Behbal Kalan and Kotkapura are two distinct occurrences.

Q: Besides the passings, questions have likewise been raised on your administration’s part in tending to the heresy issues amid that time.

A: Nobody knew who were the guilty party behind those episodes. The SIT that was shaped amid that time was likewise the same as the one amid Captain Amarinder Singh’s residency. Indeed, even the DGP was same. There are a considerable measure of cases in which it gets hard to discover the guilty parties.

Q: Would you term it a hardship as they couldn’t understand the case amid your residency yet was tackled amid the Congress administration?

A: Had they concocted something multi month after our residency got over, at that point it would have been an alternate case. The SIT head has elucidated that he never confronted any weight from our administration. A religious issue ought not be transformed into a political one. Notwithstanding amid the Congress govern, a few blasphemy cases occurred. Presently would you say that Amarinder is behind these occurrences?

Q: Hasn’t the 7 hour-long session at Vidhan Sabha raised questions about your religious certifications?

A: We don’t concur with Justice Ranjit Singh Commission’s report. Only five days before presenting the report, his little girl was made an authority at the Advocate General’s office. He is near both AAP and Congress.

Q: Capt Amarinder Singh has likewise reprimanded you for your part in Operation Blue Star, saying that at whatever point there was any extent of transaction, you would attack the endeavors.

A: Firstly, for what reason did Amarinder leave on the off chance that he wasn’t to blame? Furthermore, when it is about Punjab and our religious assessments, we are firm that we won’t bow down. Indira Gandhi requested the Army to assault Shri Harmandir Sahib. On the requests of Indira Gandhi, Shri Harmandir Sahib was loaded up with blood. Furthermore, they picked Shri Guru Arjan Dev’s Shaheedi Diwas to forfeit the lives of thousand innocents.

My life is an open book. Amarinder called me ‘buzdil’ (defeatist) and ‘jhootha’ (liar). In any case, in every one of the battles and issues identified with Punjab, I have dependably been at the cutting edge. Amid the season of Emergency, SAD was the main party whose pioneers were put in a correctional facility for 19 months. Everybody knows who assaulted Shri Harmandir Sahib.

Q: From Navjot Singh Sidhu revealing to Sukhjinder Randhawa to walk towards SGPC who had proclaimed in the House the need to free SGPC from the grip of SAD, the Panthic motivation is seeming well and good here.

A: From the starting, Congress has constantly endeavored to have finish hang on religious spots. At the point when SAD battles any battle from Akal Takht, it never thinks back. From the issue of water to Emergency, we have dependably battled against great governments. Presently, Congress needs entire hold of the Akal Takht as the entirety of their past endeavors have fizzled. Amarinder Singh or the past governments have never left any opportunity to totally catch Akal Takht. Presently they need to defame the picture of Akal Takht and Shiromani Akali Dal. Khalsa Panth ought not let Congress prevail in their traps.

Q: Capt Amarinder Singh considered you a ‘detestable’ power neutralizing public concordance.

A: Before 1997, Punjab was experiencing a troublesome stage. Post 1997, I found the opportunity to serve it for a long time. Punjab saw the most quiet occasions in that period. Yet, Amarinder terms that time as abhorrent. Out of the 5 minutes that he talked at the Vidhan Sabha, he committed more often than not to me and Sukhbir. He didn’t talk on any Punjab-related issues. The whole country realizes that BJP-SAD’s motivation is common agreement. The whole country calls me savior of peace and common amicability. We took out Punjab from its troublesome stage and improved it a place with circumstances. Presently, everybody considers it the best place for business.

Q: Your gathering additionally feels that it isn’t right to reclaim the test from CBI. For what reason did you hand over the issue to CBI?

A: The influenced families needed the examination to be finished by the CBI. The manner in which they framed the Ranjit Singh Commission, also they will make SIT. We are not apprehensive of prisons. We have dependably battled for the nation, Punjab and Panth and would keep doing as such.

Q: What is the following stage?

A: From Jawaharlal Nehru till the present pioneers, Congress has dependably been against me since I have dependably battled against them. At the season of Independence, Master Tara Singh was the primary political detainee. Indira Gandhi assaulted Shri Harmandir Sahib and her child was behind the 1984 enemy of Sikh mobs. Amarinder Singh confined a Rs 3,500 crore body of evidence against me. Not simply me, he additionally confined my significant other. They are very malicious. Yet, their malignance won’t trouble us. They will shoot us or put us behind the bars however we aren’t terrified of anything.

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