Kejriwal Blames Centre, Haryana and Punjab Govt for Delhi’s Pollution

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal faulted the Center, and the administrations of Haryana and Punjab on Monday for the serious air contamination in Delhi, charging that they were not prepared to do anything notwithstanding the hard and fast endeavors by the Aam Aadmi Party government.

“The contamination was in charge in Delhi consistently, yet this time (winters) each year, Delhi needs to confront serious contamination condition because of the Center, BJP-drove Haryana and Congress-drove Punjab governments.

“Regardless of our full scale endeavors, they are not prepared to do anything. Agriculturists of these two states are likewise tired of their legislatures,” Kejriwal tweeted.

Delhi’s air quality kept on staying in the exceptionally poor class with a general air quality record of 348 on Monday. Stubble-consuming is the significant explanation behind the expansion in the contamination level in the National Capital Region in winters. On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed ranchers from Punjab, who don’t consume stubble in fields.

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