In Rajasthan’s Game of Thrones, a Wannabe Kingmaker Moves Caste Pieces for Congress and BJP

The tangle of the tabletop game is taken off. A four-sided wooden bite the dust is thrown. Cowries or pawns are precisely masterminded. Players sit down under a banyan tree. Ten kilometers from Sikar, at Lakshman Ka Baas or Lakshman’s home, round of chaupar or chausar, which characterized the epic clash of Mahabharata, is going full bore.

In the midst of chitchat and laughs, the players and gathering of people analyze and talk about – what else yet legislative issues. Two battle vehicles cruise by. Both are out campaigning for Rashtriya Loktantrik Party.

RLP is the new child on the square. Framed not long ago by free MLA from Nagaur Hanuman Beniwal, its help base is basically Jats, particularly the adolescent in the network.

Beniwal has handled just about five dozen applicants out of 200 seats in the gathering. He hosts tied up with littler gatherings. HD Kumaraswamy in Karnataka has motivated numerous wannabe CMs north of the Vindhyas.

“We host tried different things with numerous gatherings. This time in Sikar since RLP has a solid hopeful, we may vote in favor of it,” says a villager in Jat-overwhelmed Lakshman Ka Baas.

Wahid Chauhan is Beniwal’s applicant from Sikar city. A representative and humanitarian, he got in excess of 40,000 votes on a NCP ticket when he challenged and lost in 2013.

“I needed a Congress ticket. I can’t join the BJP. What might I have done if Congress denied me a chance? I think battling as RLP chosen one will give me enough fillip in the Jat people group to develop triumphant,” says Chauhan.


Hanuman Beniwal’s RLP depends on Jats as its principle bolster base.

Shekhawati, containing 21 situates in the three northern areas of Rajasthan – Churu, Sikar and Jhunjhunu – has generally been a Congress bastion.

Jats, Muslims and Dalits – the three together are numerically an impressive blend. Amid the Modi wave in front of 2014 general races, BJP in gathering surveys could win just 11 out of these 21 seats when its strike rate in different parts of the state was over 80%.

In 90s, BJP and previous CM Bhairon Singh Shekhawat had understood the habit of disregarding Jats. The gathering extended its base and procured the collect without precedent for 2003 when Vasundhara Raje turned into the CM with a full greater part.

Amid her second residency, Shekhawati has been the epicenter of the agriculturists’ turmoil. The dissents, requesting a credit waiver and better MSP, was driven by Communist Party of India (Marxist), which likewise has a help base among the agrarian network like Jats.

With RLP forcefully charming Jats, Congress competitor in Sikar city has chosen to poach on the customary BJP vote bank – the Rajputs. The position blame lines between the two vocal and forceful networks – Jats and Rajputs – goes through the state wherever they are in sizable numbers.

In this way, prior this week, Congress competitor against RLP’s Wahid Chauhan welcomed Anand Pal’s family to crusade for him in Sikar town. Buddy, a history sheeter, from bordering Nagaur locale, was executed in a police experience a year ago activating dissents from the Rajput people group.

Coals of those dissents are as yet seething in country Rajasthan. Rajputs since freedom have been the strong base vote of non-Congress parties. Any chinks here may have discretionary implications for the BJP.

BJP supporters, notwithstanding, feel the misfortune would be negligible. On Sikar-Jaipur street, Dinesh Parikh runs a tea slow down. An enthusiastic BJP devotee, he has never voted in favor of some other gathering. On the casting a ballot day, he will do likewise, he says, independent of who the BJP hopeful is.

He’s loaded with stories on how neighborhood changes and mixes will function. Where will Jats vote? By what method will Rajputs respond? Will Brahmins re-adjust since Congress has offered ticket to a pioneer from the Community in the city? On the result of the races in Rajasthan, be that as it may, he wouldn’t like to state much.

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