‘I’m Senior Rowdy, I Deserve Ticket’: Telangana Congress Leader’s Case for Party Candidature

The air before the up and coming Assembly decisions in Telangana is set apart with high-voltage show in the midst of toppling collusions and inner cracks inside political gatherings, all in an offer to pack tickets.

Be that as it may, Congress’ Billa Sudheer Reddy’s case for gathering candidature has figured out how to emerge.

In a video that has circulated around the web over the state, Reddy is seen asking for senior gathering pioneers for a ticket because of being a ‘senior rambunctious’, who is somebody with an individual criminal record.

As indicated by Reddy, his solitary legitimacy, it appears, is the solid criminal record that he bears. He trusts that his reputation is far and away superior to a ‘lesser’ boisterous from the gathering.

His associate, who sits adjacent to him, can be seen tittering apprehensively as Sudheer says, “If a boisterous sheeter must be picked by the Congress party, it must be me.”

“I have not been reserved for land getting, revolting, provocation or budgetary anomalies. I have not in any case wrecked any families,” he includes.

Billa Sudheer Reddy is planning to be picked over Janga Raghava Reddy, who in the previous’ conclusion is a ‘lesser’ unruly sheeter in contrast with him. “I dislike him, I didn’t do any agreement executing like Raghava Reddy,” he says in the video.

“It was simply because I challenged the shameful acts dispensed to Congress specialists that they opened an unruly sheet on me. I turned into a boisterous just for the gathering,” he includes.

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