‘Far from truth’: Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy denies reports of resigning due to illness

Karnataka boss priest HD Kumaraswamy took to Twitter Wednesday to deny reports that he was leaving because of a disease.

“The news on some TV news channels that I’m leaving a direct result of sickness is a long way from reality, and all the material being communicated is unwarranted,” Kumaraswamy said in his tweet.

Document picture of Karnataka boss pastor HD Kumaraswamy. APFile picture of Karnataka boss priest HD Kumaraswamy. AP

Kumaraswamy’s announcement comes after TV5 News manager in a tweet cited sources as saying that the Karnataka boss pastor “may go on leave from December a week ago for three months on medicinal grounds.”

The most recent tweet from the Karnataka CMO’s Twitter handle said the central clergyman “tended to state chancellors and scholastics on the potential and test of subjective advanced education.”

On 22 November, a steamed Kumaraswamy said he won’t address the press “for any reason” days in the wake of blaming the media for misjudging his comment against a lady rancher.

“From here on, I will constrain the media to what I talk from the stage. I have chosen. I won’t address the press for any reason. On the off chance that you need, compose or something bad might happen, abandon it,” he said.

Tending to an occasion in Bengaluru, he asserted that his words were frequently translated in an unexpected way.

“So nowadays, I don’t comprehend what to talk. I may later on need to talk, in view of the recommendations made by a council that will be framed about what boss clergyman needs to talk. I’m in such a circumstance,” Kumaraswamy had said.

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