Arvind Kejriwal orders suspension of Delhi food commissioner; BJP calls it ‘stunt’ to cover up govt failures

Boss Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday requested suspension of Delhi’s sustenance and supplies magistrate over supposed inconsistencies in the proportion framework distinguished amid an examination by Food Minister Imran Hussain, while the Opposition considered it a “stunt” to conceal disappointments.

The request, sent to Lieutenant-Governor Anil Baijal, to suspend Food Commissioner Mohanjeet Singh came after Hussain presented a report expressing that apportion from a shop in west Delhi’s Nangloi was discovered “missing” regardless of a receipt of conveyance.

“This is intense. Nourishment of the poorest individuals is being stolen. Obligation should be settled at the most elevated amounts. I have coordinated the suspension of the sustenance magistrate,” Kejriwal tweeted.

Addressing the media about the examination done on Tuesday evening, Hussain said he “found that the proportion which was to be circulated to 4,000 individuals from 1 December onwards was missing. Taking all things together, 152 quintals of wheat and 38 quintals of rice was conveyed from the godown yet when we compel opened the proportion shop, it was vacant.”

Record picture of AAP boss Arvind Kejriwal. PTI

Record picture of AAP boss Arvind Kejriwal. PTI

Indicating at the job of apportion mafia in the occurrence, Hussain said that individuals living close to the proportion shop additionally did not perceive any truck conveying apportion at the shop, “which implies that the apportion was taken somewhere else”.

“This is an enormous trick. Indeed, even after my unending requests to the sustenance magistrate to examine these shops, no move was made. It isn’t the pastor’s duty to assess… the magistrate ought to do it,” Hussain said.

The MLA from Ballimaran voting demographic said to stop such episodes, his area of expertise has been asking the lieutenant-senator and different authorities to begin doorstep conveyance of apportion “yet no authority acknowledges the proposition”.

“We cleared the proposition to begin doorstep conveyance of proportion twice in the bureau, however no move was made. I have by and by kept in touch with the central secretary and the lieutenant-senator a few times however they don’t focus.

“Presently, the central priest has requested the suspension of nourishment official and on the off chance that the lieutenant-senator doesn’t make a move even now, it will be certain that he is likewise associated with the whole episode,” Hussain stated.

Then again, considering the suspension of nourishment chief a “stunt”, Delhi’s Leader of Opposition and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Vijender Gupta asserted that the progression was taken by Kejriwal to conceal his disappointments.

“The Delhi government has lamentably neglected to give proportion at a reasonable cost to poor people and penniless in the four years of its mismanagement. It is presently attempting to conceal its disappointment. It has neglected to acquire a suitable framework for dispersion of proportion. The main thing it has done is to get appealing plans which would never be actualized. It has now stooped to diversionary strategies, for example, suspension of the best official,” Gupta told the media in New Delhi.

He likewise said the administration is “dumping the obligation regarding fumble”.

The Leader of Opposition stated: “It is astonishing that amid the two-day session (of the Delhi Assembly), the legislature did not make reference to anything about failures in the proportion framework. It continued enjoying legislative issues. Presently it has abruptly woken up and made a move to accuse the best official. It is attempting to deceive and misinform the general population.”

At the point when IANS contacted Mohanjeet Singh to inquire as to whether he was allowed to exhibit his side, he stated: “There is no suspension.”

“In the event that electronic purpose of offer (EPOS) had been introduced, it would have guaranteed that no apportion is redirected from the shops.

“Throughout the previous a half year, we have been prescribing reclamation of EPOS to the nourishment and supply serve however without much of any result. At the point when introduced before, EPOS could stop pilferage worth crores. Why the framework was suspended is for reasons best known to the pastor,” Singh said.

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