2019 Lok Sabha polls: Rahul Gandhi meets Muslim academicians, says beware of BJP’s ‘new system of power politics’ used to divide people

Congress boss Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday met Muslim learned people and is accepted to host revealed to them that his get-together would embrace a comprehensive approach for all areas of society with a motivation to give equity to all, easing their feelings of dread that it was receiving a ‘delicate Hindutva’ plan.

Gandhi met the erudite people at his Tughlaq street habitation in Delhi and revealed to them that the Congress had no particular plan for a specific religion or area. It would have a ‘plan for all’, the core of which would give equity, a source said. He disclosed to them that the gathering would not bargain on its center philosophy and would not enable bad form to anybody. Gandhi said that while the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) manner of thinking was of division, the point of view of the Congress was of comprehensiveness as it needed to take everybody along, the source said.

The gathering with Muslim learned people was a piece of a progression of gatherings arranged by the gathering in front of Lok Sabha decisions.

The learned people revealed to Gandhi that the network was feeling debilitated and approached what plan the Congress had for them, as the gathering was currently embracing a ‘delicate Hindutva’ card to win back Hindus which had moved towards the BJP in the last races. They likewise looked for confirmation from the Congress to keep the responsibility given by Mahatma Gandhi, Maulana Azad and Jawaharlal Nehru at the season of Independence and the Constitution had engaged them, the source said.

Gandhi let them know there was no ideological fight in the nation however it was “another arrangement of intensity governmental issues” contrived by the BJP to make a gap among individuals, the source included. He said the account the BJP was building, including lynchings and pounding of Dalits and Muslims, was to make a separation among individuals as the decision party and the head administrator had nothing to appear, so it was endeavoring to occupy the consideration of individuals on intense subject matters.

On a fantastic organization together being initiated by the Congress for the 2019 general races, Gandhi said the exertion was to have an enduring collusion that would not crumble as it would prompt upsetting among the general population supporting it. The option ought to be practical and enduring and ought not be an easygoing one, with the goal that the trust was not broken, Gandhi told the gathering, the sources said.

The gathering, in any case, minimized the gathering saying the Congress had confidence being developed for all, consideration of all and equity for all. “Our entryways are open for everyone,” said party representative Priyanka Chaturvedi. She said the gathering was not passing by religious certifications and the Congress pioneers had cooperated with all segments of individuals, including scholarly people, and it ought not be associated with any religion. Chaturvedi blamed the BJP for attempting to separate individuals based on religion.

Among the erudite people from the minority network who met Gandhi today were previous arranging commission part Syeda Hameed, Jawaharlal Nehru University teacher Zoya Hasan, previous leader of Aligarh Muslim University ZK Faizan, educationist Ilyas Malik Zafar Mehmood and resigned official AF Faruqui. Previous pastor Salman Khursid and Congress minority board of trustees head Nadeem Javed were additionally present. Sources said this gathering would be trailed by more such cooperations to inspire open reactions in transit forward.

The BJP was endeavoring to make a wedge among the individuals from the network by hailing dubious issues including the triple talaq issues, Chaturvedi charged.


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